Lecture - European Sovereignty for...

Eric Monchalin, Chairman of the EPI Board, will give a lecture titled "European Sovereignty for Cloud continuum and HPC" at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing on October 11th at 10 am. 

More information about the lecture: The pace of technological change is faster than ever with a digital revolution underway, enabling the transformation of manufacturing and services, and reshaping entire sectors of the economy.

In such a context, the growth of ecosystems of smart machines is a foundation that is enabled by the datacenters, Edge Computing and IoT that become increasingly connected, emerging as a computing continuum.

It is a big challenge in itself to bridge the gap between the European strengths and challenges to make Europe a leader of this digital revolution. However, much more is possible when a concerted academic, research and industrial effort is developed to break out of the technological locks. It is exactly the objective of the European Processor Initiative, with 30 partners from 11 European countries cooperating, to strengthen the competitiveness and leadership of European industry and science, designing European general purpose and accelerator microprocessor technologies with extreme performance and power ratio, as well as tackling important segments of broad and emerging HPC and Cloud continuum markets.

Author: Nikolina Lednicki
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