Mario Kovač at HPCXXL User group meeting

Mario Kovač, Director of the HPC Architecture and Application Research Center and Chief Communications Officer of the European Processor Initiative, attended the HPCXXL User group Winter meeting that took place in Lugano, Switzerland, from March 31 to April 4, 2019.

Director Kovač presented the latest developments in EPI, with the biggest focus on strategic interplay elements of the project and European independence in HPC, which is the cornerstone of EPI’s mission. He presented the drivers of the EPI proposal, EPI vision and mission and interplay with the European Union’s Joint Undertaking, the EuroHPC. “EPI’s goal is to strengthen EU’s competitiveness in next-generation HPC and automotive systems”, said prof. Kovač, in closing his presentation.

Author: Katarina Vukušić
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