Daniel Hofman awarded Rikard...

Daniel Hofman, member of the HPCAARC team, was awarded "Rikard Podhorsky" award, that is given annually by the Croatian Academy of Engineering to members with significant contribution in engineering in technical and biotechnical sciences, as well as for achieving goals and contributing to the programme of the Academy.


As part of the award ceremony, awarded memebrs participated in a mini conference organized by the Academy - cohesive factor of technical and biotechnical sciences and Croatian economy. The conference was held on June 3, 2024.


Daniel Hofman presented his presentation titled "Design of a latency and power consumption reduction chip in compressing videos on drones". The presentation is available in our repository.

The presentation accounted for activities in the last several years of working on chip design, that would compress videos on drones in an efficient way. Through cooperation with the industry, researchers were working on solving issues which cause a person not being able to pilot a drone in real time and watch a high-quality video from the drone. By reducing the latency in image transfer from the drone to the pilot, we are striving to pilot the drone as if the person was really sitting in the drone. This enables the pilot’s timely reaction in order to avoid unwanted situations and execute all necessary maneuvers. The research results were presented in numerous scientific articles and active research projects.


Author: Katarina Vukušić
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