Research projects




Project title:    MANGO: exploring Manycore Architectures for Next-GeneratiOn HPC systems
Call identifier:    H2020-FETHPC-2014
Duration:    2015-2018
Number of partners:    9
Funding:    EUR 5,801,820
Keywords:    Scalability, Energy Efficiency, Real-time HPC, power-performance-predictability, capacity computing, partitionability, reconfigurability

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Project title:    CreaInnovation (Create sustainable Innovation in SMEs using creative methods and processes)
Call identifier:    Interreg MED 1.1.1
Duration:    2018-2020
Number of partners:    9
Funding:    EUR 1,600,000 (Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund)
Keywords:    Innovation, creative methods, processes, sustainability, creativity, competitiveness

The overall objective of CreaInnovation is to extend and deepen both knowledge and practice of creative methodologies and processes in MED SMEs, mainly focusing on their sustainable development, and in public and academic institutions as well, through the spread of this knowledge followed by practical experimentation that results in creative problem solving and the exploration of potential opportunities for innovation and improvement. This approach leads to real and feasible ideas for innovation in SMEs, public and academic institutions, building structured processes for new politics that grants tailored support and takes innovation to the next level.

- Transnational Innovation Cluster

- “Open Space Technology” to define innovation strategies and correspondent policies and “Creativity sessions” to address real problems and identify innovation opportunities

- Solutions for sustainable innovation

- Regional and Transnational Working Model of Creativity for sustainable innovation in SMEs

- MED Regional Creativity Labs for Sustainable Innovation with functionalities of Collaborative Virtual Environments

- Model for assessing the sustainability of regional and transnational innovation projects

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Project title:    Technology Transfer via Multinational Application Experiments (TETRAMAX)
Call identifier:    EU H2020 ICT
Duration:    2017-2021
Funding:    EUR 6,997,273


Project title:    Information and communication technology for generic and energy-efficient communication solutions with application in e-/m-health (ICTGEN)
Call identifier:    EU RDF (EFRR)
Duration:    2015-2016
Funding:    5,475,405 kn

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Project title:    Multi-level integration for patients with complex needs (Carewell)
Call identifier:    EU FP7 Health
Duration:    2014-2017
Funding:    EUR 2,926,000

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Project title:    Technology transfer in computing systems (TETRACOM)
Call identifier:    EU H2020 ICT
Duration:    2013-2016
Funding:    EUR 2,200,240