Opportunities at HPC Architecture and Applications Center

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HPC Architecture and Application Research Center
Unska 3
10000 Zagreb

E-mail: hpc@fer.hr




Multiple research positions at HPC...

HPC Architecture and Application Research Center is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb. At the moment, the Center is looking for researchers with a minimum of Master’s degree or equivalent in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering to be hired at several positions. The field of work relates to processor architecture and accelerator ASIC and FPGA design in the domains of deep learning, signal processing, image, and video data compression, and crypto algorithms. The Center is also looking for researchers in the domain of software and hardware development for heterogeneous computer architectures in a wide specter of platforms: embedded computer systems, cloud, and supercomputing.

Author: Katarina Vukušić