Article about "Changing...

Article about "Changing Approaches to HPC Systems" has been published on CIO Applications Europe

2019-01-08 at 19:13,
Daniel Hofman

Article written by prof. dr. sc. Mario Kovač, Chief Communication Officer of the European Processor Initiative, has been published on CIO Applications Europe. Read the whole article about "Changing Approaches to HPC Systems" on

EPI presented in HPC User Forum,...

EPI presented in HPC User Forum, Detroit 2018

2018-10-09 at 17:33,
Josip Knezović

Jean-Marc Denis, HPC International Business Director at Bull, the EPI consortium coordinator, presents EPI at HPC User Forum in Detroit. In the presentation, Jean-Marc focuses on industrial perspectives of the project, the state of the art in HPC industry and our vision to tackle the exascale challenges. Video is available here .

EPI presented at Barcelona RISC-V...

EPI presented at Barcelona RISC-V Workshop

2018-10-09 at 17:13,
Josip Knezović

Our EPI partner, prof. Mateo Valero , director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, presented the European Processor Initiative in RISC-V Workshop , Barcelona 7-10 May, 2018. His keynote focused on the role of RISC-V architecture in  EPI project and in future exascale computing systems in general. Video is available here .

Do you want to participate in the...

Do you want to participate in the development of a European processor for high-performance computer systems?

2018-06-11 at 10:31,
Daniel Hofman

Center for Architecture and Applications of High-Performance Computers is a partner in the strategic EU project EPI - European Processor Initiative, which aims to develop a new European processor for future exascale high-performance computer systems. The project gathers a consortium of 23 key industry partners and leading EU research institutions. Within the FER project, we will employ several motivated students which have finished (are finishing) the master program ( to work on the project. We invite all interested to send their CV to  

European Processor Initiative (EPI)...

European Processor Initiative (EPI) announced on European Commission website

2018-04-26 at 11:26,
Daniel Hofman

The European Commission published an official announcement of the European Processor Initiative (EPI) on its website. As we aready reported in the news about the interview with Atos' Philippe Notton - who will be leading the initiative, EPI will develop a processor that will be at the heart of the EuroHPC supercomputers. The announcement confirms there are 23 partners in the project and the budget amounts to 120 million euro. Take a look at the EC announcement on:

The European Processor Initiative...

The European Processor Initiative (EPI) to develop the processor that will be at the heart of the European exascale supercomputer effort

2018-04-26 at 11:22,
Daniel Hofman

Europe has an ambitious plan to become a main player in supercomputing. The EuroHPC initiative is a joint undertaking with as one of its goals to construct an exascale supercomputer based on European technology. Although there are several processor-related research projects, it is only now that an effort has started to build a production HPC processor with industry quality. This is done as part of a 120 million euro Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) that has been awarded to a consortium of 23 partners.  University of Zagreb with our HPC Architecture and Application Research Center is one of the partners. Take a look at the interview with Philippe Notton from Atos to learn more about the "European Processor Initiative":

HPCfer became new member of ETP4HPC

HPCfer became new member of ETP4HPC

2017-10-30 at 13:40,
Daniel Hofman

HPC Architecture and Application Research Center joined ETP4HPC , an European Technology Platform (ETP) in the area of High-Performance Computing (HPC). It is an industry-led think-tank comprising of European HPC technology stakeholders: technology vendors, research centres and end-users. The main task of ETP4HPC is to define research priorities and action plans in the area of HPC technology provision (i.e. the provision of supercomputing systems).   More info on

Mango project

Mango project

2017-10-30 at 13:43,
Josip Knezović

Our group partners in the HPC2020 FET project MANGO: Exploring Manycore Architectures for Next Generation Systems.   More info on

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