HA2RC Team for EPI at Supercomputing

Director of HA2RC, prof. dr. sc. Mario Kovač, who is also the Chief Communications Officer of the European Processor Initiative (EPI), and both of the Centre’s vice-presidents, Josip Knezović and Daniel Hofman, attended the first digital version of Supercomputing and hosted the booth of the European Processor Initiative.


The project co-hosted several of the largest exascale projects in Europe – including Mont-Blanc 2020, ASPIDE, DEEPEST, Evolve, ExaQUte, LEXIS, MAESTRO, SAGE 2, and IDEAS. Though the first virtual edition of the biggest supercomputing conference was a little unusual because of the digital setting, it provided various attendees from across the globe with the opportunity to access more content, and EPI’s booth was very well visited and attended by various experts and young researchers. 

Author: Katarina Vukušić
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