Mario Kovač at CPS&IoT Summer...

Mario Kovač, Director of the HPC Architecture and Application Research Center and Chief Communications Officer of the European Processor Initiative, held a presentation at the CPS&IoT’2021 Summer School in Budva (Montenegro), held on June 7-10, 2021.


The presentation included the latest developments in EPI and it was titled "European Processor Initiative: Cornerstone of European HPC and eHPC strategy," it is available in our repository:'2021.pdf

CPS&IoT’2021 Summer School Program was composed of four days of lectures, demonstrations, practical hands-on sessions, and discussions, as well as, free participation in CPSIoT 2021 and MECO 2021 sessions. The topics of the lectures, demonstrations, and practical hands-on sessions covered several major CPS applications (focusing on modern mobile applications that require high-performance or low energy consumption, as well as, high reliability, security and safety), computing technology for modern CPS, CPS architectures, development problems and solutions, as well as, design methodologies and design tools for CPS.



Author: Nikolina Lednicki
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